Monday, July 03, 2006


It’s going to rain: I can always tell.

First my heart beats quite differently
It is not beating in customary staccato
I could sing unnecessarily complicated love songs to its rhythm.

My eyes are open normally
And I can smile from within while I walk
And not scowl, as I do when it is too sunny
Or stare blankly, as when it is dark.

Then there is the smell wafting in the air
That fills every nook and cranny till it lies thick against my skin
And stoutly denies any rumours

Of ignoble origins from microorganisms.

Go ahead and Rain happiness
On my blessed head.


Anonymous said...

I second the blessed part. Jaihind.

udi said...

Rain on my shoes and rain on my eyelashes... how fleeting and yet so portentous!

dusty said...

i was feeling like this last night as i was going back home.